Offer your employees​work-life balance!

Bonjour-santé’s corporate membership allows your employees to make unlimited searches online 24/7 to find walk-in appointments at a CLINIC or by E-CONSULT in just a few clicks.

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✔ Unlimited searches 24/7
Unlimited online searches to find walk-in appointments at a CLINIC or by E-CONSULT.
✔ Choice of clinics
Geolocalised searches near the employee’s office or home.
Identification of the name and address of clinics and list of services offered.
✔ Search for specialists
Online searches to find an appointment with a specialist at a clinic. 
✔ One account for the whole family
Up to 6 members, even including the employee’s parents or in-laws aged 70 and over.
✔ One account for the whole family
Members are the first to be notified of new availabilities (with general practitioners or specialists).
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✔ Satisfaction and sense of security
Your employees will be grateful to know that their employer has their health at heart.
✔ Reduced absenteeism
‍Sick days end up costing employers a lot of money.
✔ Productivity increase at your company
‍With an easy access to in-clinic appointments and e-consults, your employees can get back to work quickly.
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What the corporate membership offers you:

‍A corporate membership, simpler than you may think!

No lengthy form, no software to install.

● Quick activation: a simple list of employees il all it takes
● Add or remove employees in seconds
● Flexible billing options
● Customer service offered directly to employees

Warm oven baked bread with homemade preserves and butter

Bonjour-santé offers a search engine that allows patients to find appointments by e-consul or at clinics anywhere in Quebec.

E-consults by videoconference (with computer, smartphone or tablet) or by telephone. The doctor can assess the patient's symptoms, send a prescription to a pharmacy, if necessary, or refer the patient to an appropriate service.

In more than 91% of e-consults carried out, the doctor was able to address the patient’s health issue.
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​+ 2500​​
​​​​​RAMQ doctors

​+ 600

​​+ 200,000​
e-consults carried out 
in 3 month

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