Increase your company's profitability and take care
of your employees 

Bonjour-santé, more than an appointment booking service! 

We offer your employees an all-inclusive health portal, a one-stop destination to meet all their health needs and guide them to the right resource at the right time. 

No long wait periods, no work days wasted trying to find the care they need.  With Bonjour-santé, your employees can get back to health and work faster!

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ADVANTAGES for your employees 

Knowing that their employer cares about their health and well-being

A comprehensive health portal that supports them and their families (up to 6 members) throughout their health journey: advice from nurses, appointment booking, assistance for follow-up care

A host of complementary and varied services that address all health needs

The peace of mind of knowing that they can get the care they need when they need it, without having to miss work (and lose salary) unnecessarily

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An excellent tool to help you recruit and retain employees

Reduced absenteeism due to employees being sick or trying to find the care they need (absenteeism is very costly for employers)

An increase in productivity and efficiency for your company

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What the corporate membership offers you:

‍A corporate membership, simpler than you may think!

No lengthy form, no software to install.

● Quick activation: a simple list of employees il all it takes
● No annual or long-term contractual commitments - we do monthly agreements
● Add or remove employees in seconds
● Flexible billing options
● Customer service offered directly to employees

Ideal solution for companies with 25 or more employees, 
starting at only $4.95/month per employee!

Warm oven baked bread with homemade preserves and butter

Bonjour-santé offers a wide range of complementary health services that offer benefits to both employees and employers

  • Sonar service that searches for appointments for you
  • Search for appointments with specialists
  • Assistance for your specialized tests and appointments with specialists
  • Health and well-being advice with our nurses
  • Online prescription and renewal of birth control with free home delivery
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​+ 2500​​
​​​​​RAMQ doctors

​+ 600

​​+ 200,000​
e-consults carried out 
in 3 month

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